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Utility for 3kay NFT Owners

There are so many interesting ways to get something extra ordinary and incomparable.

Finally you are able to own a 3kay artwork as NFT including the original, physical painting shipped right to your door.

The following steps below will show you how to purchase one of these uniqe pieces.


Choose the 3kay painting you want by clicking. After you see the NFT, click again "go to link". buy the corresponding 3kay NFT in EUR by credit card.


Add the chosen 3Kay

painting to the basket, checkout and follow the next steps to purchase.


In the final step you will receive the NFT direct by Mail and the physical, original Painting which is belonging to it, in between 10 workdays at your stored adress.


If you prefer paying by bank transfer, different currency as well as cryptocurrency, get in contact

Easily resell your 3kay art with the corresponding 3kay NFT anytime you want.

INFO: Please make sure to deliver the original, physical 3kay painting to the new 3kay NFT owner as well.

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