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the brush Messi

The Basel artist is characterized by his curious, creative and perfectionist personality, which makes him what he is, namely the 3Kay

The artist was born in Basel in 1981. He operates under the name 3Kay and sees himself as a Basel artist with a focus on graffiti and street art.

Already as a child he was interested in painting and as he grew up he was always looking for new discoveries to satisfy his urge to learn. At first, however, he was still a bit inhibited when painting. But that changed after he bought canvases in different sizes, which his three daughters painted. These were framed by him and his wife and hung with pride.

This led to the whole family drawing together and spending time together, combining fun and art. That was the final impetus to finally tackle the long-cherished dream of becoming an artist. Painting allows 3Kay to leave everything behind and immerse himself in the world of color...


He has always enjoyed visiting exhibitions in museums and studying and researching the works of art there. The paintings and drawings of old painters were also an inspiration, which strengthened 3Kay's desire to pick up a brush and awaken his talent.

The trademark of his art is the term Swiss inspiration, with which he describes the rediscovered seriousness in contemporary art and wants to be understood by the viewer as well.

With an unmistakable style of painting that develops from the dynamics of the moment, 3Kay conveys traditional values that are valid in art in a new interpretation that corresponds to the spirit of the times.

If you look at the paintings from these aspects, this neologism, which harmoniously combines knowledge of the techniques of oil, watercolor and acrylic painting, spray, newspaper clippings and collages, is far more than just meaningful.

His pictures develop spontaneously, because the artist follows his inner drive, relies on his current emotional state and surprises with his pictures, which strive for real models but arise from the momentary intuition.

Fortunately, the artist has had the experience of successfully presenting his artworks in urban centers of Europe and the Middle East.

His pictures have already made a journey through the world and have already been successfully presented in Zurich (international banking), Basel (Art Basilea), Leymen (F), Istanbul (TR) and Denizli (TR).

3kay has also signed many "Label" works, including "Stars in the Damn Dinner", which is among his famous works. His art meets in various paintings, artistic concepts as well as football players.

World stars are also enthusiastic about the art of 3kay and are convinced of his talent and inspiration. In other words, stars like Ronaldo, CR7, Maldini, Adebayor, Inler,Irfan Can, Kaya Yanar, Kenan Sofuoğlu, Modric, Edin Visca, Inler, Balotelli, Karius Loris and Swiss national team have already received artwork from 3Kay.

3Kay avoids stumbling blocks, remains true to its ability and surpasses itself with every new challenge.

Currently living in France with his family, the artist sees himself as an ambassador of modern art, feeding his art with inspiration and creativity.

Get to know 3Kay, follow his creations - without a doubt: you too will love the special art of 3Kay!

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