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3kay- art

Curious, creative, and a perfectionist personality, 3kay "kay" is a self-made artist who has been interested in photography since a young age. 3kay settled in France where his courage and talent allowed him to explode. He then exhibited in the first banks in Zurich and non-standard cultural sites (Basel, France and Meer, Wollerau, Istanbul).

As an ambassador of modern times, the genius finds the inspiration in this new environment in which it grows. The artist's provocative and striking universe is an expression of the imagination aimed at actively disturbing their minds.

In 2017, 3kay managed to condemn serious causes by conveying important messages with a series of artworks such as "Art Baselia", "Pratteln Cultural Center","Leymen Folk" or "Hain Cok". Each new series is a difficult and daring challenge as it flouts immorality by making it attractive to the eyes and thus reaching a wide audience. He chooses the soft method with beautiful rather than violent images to influence people's minds. It illuminates the immorality of this world with aesthetics, gently but deeply winning hearts and minds.

An atypical and fearless artist, 3kay does not hesitate to emphasize the hypocrisy of denial, which is sometimes quite sharp and worthless. Very eye-catching colors, a fun staging method and her direct signature point to the works of 3kay. The artist pays attention to the smallest details and attaches great importance to symmetry, perspective and the balance of different elements in his works.

He has signed many “Label” works including “Stars in the Damn Dinner” which is very famous among his famous works. His art meets in various paintings, artistic concepts as well as football players. Get to know him, follow his creations and remember - no doubt you will love the special art of 3kay.

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